Maybe someday, pharmacy metal skool will self destruct like a real 80’s metal band and the The Thornbirds will actually play again.

That being said…

I didn’t die this week of whatever shit was happening inside my brain, buy (long story involving inability to stand or even sit up) so I’m going to be wheeled on stage with Chime, prosthesis a band I’ve been unleashing my mediocrity upon. We’re doing two gigs in Tempe, Arizona this weekend at the Last Exit club. Then, if I don’t massacre the shit too much, we’re opening for the Rembrandts at the fabulous normandie casino.

I have a spamscam show, which will keep me from harming them at the canyon club.

their (our) ubiquitous myspace page is at

you can find info like:


September, 14 2007 at The Last Exit – CD Release for Scotty Johnson of the Gin Blossoms
1425 W Southern Ave, Tempe, Arizona 85282
Cost : $5

Also, why isn’t there an asian porn star named “Mito Yung”?

Also, if I live through legalzoom, you owe me a hundred bucks.