I’ve gushed about Scott Horton from antiwar.com. Like Penn Jillette, his superpower is the deeply eloquent rant. When I get passionate and angry about things I care about, I begin stammering even more and don’t help whatever cause I am attempting to stand up for.

Penn and this Scott Horton fellow, are able to say the most extraordinary and succint things about the subject they happen to be ranting about.

It’s genius.

So… A few weeks ago, I’m listening to Antiwar.com/radio and Scott Horton unleashes a rant about Ron Paul vs. the other presidential candidates that was so wonderful I could almost not believe it.

I scrambled to track it down and, like the stalker I’ve become, have transcribed it here for you to scoff at because it is idealistic and passionate and we all know that those are two qualities that we have no use for, right?


Without further dodo… Scott Horton on a beautiful rant.

The audio is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thrCLWDkMU0

“We had such ample opportunity to blow it.
It’s like when I was a kid and they said well, if you never hear of xtianity, and never had opportunity to be converted to xtianity then you don’t go to hell forever.

So my thing was – Isn’t it kind of unfair to travel to hither and yon and go to strange places and mention xtianity to people where it’s not likely to take but it’s likely to go ahead and condemn them to an eternity of hell fire of damnations because they did not convert when they had the chance but didn’t take.

that’s what this is, too:

Ron Paul’s run is just making the American people so much more guilty of the most heinous sins, man.

You just…

You had two chances.

Two, giant you know… silver, golden platter chances

Peace. Bring the troops home. Close the bases around the world. Bring ’em home. Put the navy on our shores pointed out. And just leave ’em there.

We could be a normal country in a normal time.
We could end the empire.
We could end NATO.
We could let the people of the world make it their own way the best they can the same as we’re trying to make it ours.

We can do that!

We can re-instate our bill of rights.
We can get rid of these free speech zones.
We can get rid of the persecution of bradley manning.
We can get rid of all the people awaiting military tribunals or maybe none at all if our government doesn’t think that they can even win at a military tribunal.

And get rid of all drone assassinations. And all of the rest of the violations… all of our the… national security agency spying on us and all the PATRIOT ACT and all. We can get rid of all of that.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

And Ron Paul he walks the walk. You can look it up: the Freedom Agenda Act of 2007 repeals all of it. The whole 21st century national security police state: Gone.

The authorization to wage war in Afghanistan and all the domestic police state stuff, too. Abolish homeland security. Abolish the TSA. It doesn’t have to be this way.


We don’t have to just keep printing money until the gov’t… and the… well, until the division of labor in the markets in our society completely fall apart and people starve. Which is the way we’re going.

Um all they know how to do is just keep printing money. And that’s one thing he knows better than them – is how to stop.

And the path we’re on – it’s trouble. You can only borrow so much and then you can only print so much new money to buy that debt that you created before people start questioning it.

Too much. Too often. Too many people in too many places all in the same day.

And wait a minute: do we really have faith in the full faith and credit of the u.s. Government to pay us off in dollars that are worth anything when we buy this debt.


That’s the way we’re headed. Like argentina. Like weimar germany.

…and here you had every chance to convert to liberty. And you blew it america.
You blew it.”