the movie with dane cook or the movie with jack black?

this is what’s funny now.

tenacious d. get it? they “rock”. get it? it’s funny but it really “rocks”. because they liked bands like iron maiden. no, drugs man, they really liked them. they know better now… get it? but really… they totally rock. and they’re like, fat. but. they “rock”. get it? man, it’s funny. it’s so funny. wanna play psp?

oh… dane cook. right.

yeah, he’s funny. see. he’s good looking. and he’s funny. and jessica simpson. she’s pretty. i mean. *i* don’t like her. no, but dane cook probably got some of that stuff. that’s good stuff.

oh. and he’s funny. he said that funny thing. yeah… when those people were talking and he said. yeah. he’s funny.

if dane cook and tenacious d. did a movie together… oh man. tenacious dane! hooaaa

we have to send that to ’em.

i bet they’re on myspace.

i can’t wait.