the v.o. world is slow now. haven’t done a spot this month, but geico is raining checks down on me… which is nice. it will be a good year but i’d always like to do more spots.

after another soul sucking commercial audition yesterday, i went over to gary’s to go over the bass parts for gorey stories. i’m subbing this weekend on my upright and it will be my first gig with the upright. reading and everything.

there is some arco stuff, but my arco skills are, well, none, so i’m doing most of it pizz with 2 of the 5 pieces using the bow. the good thing about this is that it’s kicked my ass to get back to studying. i’ve had one lesson with zac and like him. it’s just about sticking to it. but, i do actually enjoy practicing every day even though it kills my arms and wrists. the instrument is a beast that one must actually develop muscles for. stupid idiots.

lorenzo poindexter came over today. he’s begun an organization business and i had him come and hold my hand through throwing shit away and reducing clutter here. we have got to stop living like college students. much of it is my fault as i tend to get distracted and start stuff and not fini…

dropped my shitty worthless 17″ mac off with emery to get it fucking working like a real computer should. that stupid piece of shit. the dvd drive just stopped working and now itunes doesn’t work and shit is fucked up. stupid apple shitheads.

chatted with emery and provenz’ about scotland. saw the video of us doing the aristocrats in scotland. man did i get fat. holy crap. i’ve been back at the gym, finally after a 4 month hiatus and seeing that gave me a kick in my hairy butt. sheesh.

just found out that billy the mime got pick of the week in the l.a. weakly. that should most definitely help the ticket sales. yippeee!!!

jessie and i are eating pizza and i must now practice and then we have movies to watch.