listened to the pleasure of my company by steve martin and loved it. yes, audiologist it’s light. yes, price the ending is “hollywood”. but i get such a sense of steve martin and his depression and his battle to find hope in the future. reminds me of me, i guess, and we narcissists love that shit. even if we can’t spell.

speaking of commerce, i’m getting rid of a bunch of books and crap through the magic of

working on the set for the key club show on the 26th. russ sure does write some great songs. man. i want to do a 2 hour show someday and play all the long, epic songs we’d play all the time if we were younger and rehearsed more the way younger guys have time to do.

speaking of bass… been pratising the upright every day. it’s amazing how if you do something every day, you get better. i can actually play zac’s transcription of whisper not at 110bpm. go figure. and. it sounds pretty good.

chilton’s creative director at another games company and i’m thinking of working there as a producer/coder. i am seriously doing nothing now and it might be healthy for me to have a place to go every day and earn some money while doing it. the money continues to rain down from the sky known as geico, but i am so lazy that i don’t do anything constructive except for power sleeping.

problems of the west in the 21st century. it’s nice.