Two things:

a: Is it cool or horrible that the The Thornbirds 1st record is available for 36 cents on
2: A friend of mine, resuscitation David Lawrence, treatment says he earns at least a grand a month from this stupid link. So, I know that there are at least 500,000 people reading this feverdream of a blog. If at least 10 of you add yourselves and use this bar, we could, through the barely legal (hi, keywords!) practice of the shitstain of capitalism: multi-level-marketing, earn tens of dollars.

What the fuck. The album by the band I’m in who I haven’t seen in 7 months is selling for 36 cents on Amazon, I’m doing a horror short directed by someone who was 5 years old when summer school came out and I’m hoping that my health plan covers full anesthesia for a colonoscopy within 5 years… It’s time for me to get in on MLM, right?


Man, I feel dirty.

At least I’m not a professional poker player, right?

Good point.

This is the penis who was in front of up at the cemetery screening this saturday. I nearly began a riot after i began yelling at the couple next to me who were on a 1st date and couldn't stop saying "clever" and cute shit during cukoo's nest. My point was that if you're going to in through life as a clueless, geriatrician
self-centered moron, a crazy asshole may start screaming at you & call you & your date stupid cunts.