so my toshiba laptop screen went goodbye. when i’m home i “expand” the desktop onto another monitor, generic so now i’m just using the external monitor as my main space. it’s a drag.

we want to purchase some property out of state and i suppose we can still do it, but i don’t like spending lots of money all at once.

jessie just got the big dick mac pro with a billion gig of ram, etc. and a sleek monitor, so i decided that i can switch to mac so i bought a big cock macbook or McBook as i will be calling it… cough

i also went and coughed up a pile of cash for a dell 24″ monitor.

i can run xp on the mcbook for the one program which doesn’t have a mac counterpart: the karaoke building thing.

speaking of Coreyoke, we’re playing every tuesday in November at the The Joint and I think we’ve got some gig on the 21st of rocktober. i’m looking forward to playing music out, even if i do have to wear a stupid wig and a members only jacket. it’s nice not worrying that i don’t look cool, though.

jessie and i are hoping to take a vacation the first week in december. it will be our honeymoon and first vacation ever. looking for a good deal in hawaii on maui or kawuaiiaiaaiaia’i.

thank you nfl commercial.

speaking of cold, it’s snowing in minneapolis today and that makes me laugh. it was hot here in l.a. and it was so nice to be too warm. it’s the best thing in the world.

i did a v.o. for two pg&e radio spots right when i got back so it was nice to get back into the swing o’ things.

now i’m preparing all my files on my pc that i’ll slide over to the McBook.

I don’t like the interface on the macs. they bug me. the way the screens don’t fill up the fuckign screen when you hit maximize is completely lame. i think there’s some workaround program, but still, when you think maximize you think “maximum space available”.

ford vs. chevy. it’s the same thing. it doesn’t matter.

the thing will be obsolete within the year.

it’s snowing in minneapolis. hahahoooo!