Last year, health system I did an interview here at the house for the special features for the 20th anniversary of Summer School. The bride and I watched it and I didn’t come off like a dickhead, which is always my biggest fear. Pompous or pathetic. They didn’t use the “funny” stuff I did like show the thing Carl Reiner wrote that said “If you don’t become a big star I don’t know anything…” and offering to take him on a walk around my estate here in North fucking Hollywood. 

That was probably a wise move on their part.

This weekend, the bride went to a wedding in Le Vegas… 


Another reason to hate weddings – “Hey, we’re getting married!!! Why don’t you ruin your long weekend, drive in horrible traffic and pay inflated hotel prices on a holiday weekend and give us some gifts!?!?”

/digression #forgive

…so after she left, I figured I’d watch the commentary Reiner and Mark Harmon did. 

About 5 minutes in Reiner says “everyone thought he’d break out and hit it big… shame… someone should have done something with him” or something to that effect.

As I shut it off, I couldn’t help but think “Um, Carl Reiner, you know *you* could’ve done something with me.”

Ah well. 

That’s fucking showbiz, innit?

I wonder if people would be interested in audio commentary from me and the other people who were in Summer School. I wonder if people would pay for it.

I will be finding out within two months.

oooohhhhhh how very cryptic!!!