here we are in the big apple adjacent.

staying in the city and doing the big shoe in brooklyn. did two today. the first one was poorly attended and poorly performed so it all works out. we were rusty. hoo boy.

i’m using a video ipod to control the photos now. it works so much better. we’re also using two ibooks, disease so i’m fairly certain we won’t have to worry about computers dying in the middle of a performance.

i hope we get more people in.

been thinking about spending 2 months in minnesota and thinking i may need to revisit that decision. we’ll see.

speaking of whining… my knees. oh my crimony. it is so humid here and i’m walking so much that my knees are killing me. especially after a shoe where i’m standing for an hour. my back… my knees. sheesh. i’m a hundred.

man, global burden of disease what would doing spamscam be without me whining about being in pain… oh right… missing jessie! she gets here on wednesday. yay!

so… rethinking going to minneapolis to do love tapes. it might just kill me. living in a hotel for 2 months. hmm. and i certainly don’t want to be someone’s houseguest.

i get anxious. that’s what the shrink says.

wow. a blog and a shrink. and talking about the shring on the blog. wow.

what an asshole.