going to go do the big shoe in albequerque I THINK I SPELLED IT RIGHT! FIRST TRY! tomorrow. we’ll be there until sunday afternoon. looking forward to doing the big shoe. victor and i will get together in our room if he’s not too wasted and go over the script.

i leave burbank at 5 or something and get in at 11. that’s why they call the airline “america worst”.

a fory four hour layover in phoenix or something. i bet we get to malaysia faster.

See how i’m already whining?!?!

butt seriously… they’re paying us money. go figure.

aaron’s coming with us to do light/sound and to do the same for billy the mime. aaron’s gonna make money, sales too…

all the links i have for it are broken on the spamscamscam.com site. maybe i’ll fix ’em. ah well…

penn jillette has been doing a radio show for the last week or so and i’ve been listening to it online when i can. today he and goudeau started talkign about me and penn was saying such sweet and nice things about me that i started actually blushing and almost started crying. i am such a fucking pussy. anyway, it was really nice. plus he talked about security edition and i got about 10 orders for cards. so. yay for penn!!!

that’s all. must sleep.