lordy… we’re so close to getting the house i can taste the horrible desperation of forclosure on my lips…

butt seriously… we’re both getting excited. i have photos of the house in a directory and i keep looking at them.; imagining what it will be like to own such a thing.

it’s pretty cool.

i also imagine what it will be like to start exercising and taking care of myself again. i have gained so much weight. at least one jack in the box oreo cookie shake a day is not helping things. and i haven’t been to the gym in so long. oy.

but, stuff once we’re moved in. no. really.

it’s so close…. soooo fucking… close….

in other news:

watched more of the 1st season of lost tonight. it’s too bad that it’s got woo woo.

and there’s one character who has no body fat but is pregnant. it’s funny. we do her voice in each scene “hey, this do you think i’m pregnant? really. tell me. i don’t think i do, but wardrobe says i look pregnant. do i? be honest.”

sometimes when we watch movies, they’ll be full of fantasy and woo woo stuff and we’ll totally accept that but someone might say something out of character and we’ll say “this show is bullshit”. because, you know, an island with polar bears and prehistoric beings and dead fathers walking around is completely believable, but when one of the girls has a new shirt… well, that’s just stretching things!!!

i should really be on a t.v. show.

that’s called “mom career advice” and i just gave it to myself.

in other news. an old friend sent me a cd of 18 “milk” songs. milk was a band i was in with christian nesmith, fren asken, michiko freemond, juliana dimaggio and whoever could stand us long enough to play percussion. really intense 5 part harmonies, intricate parts, arrangements and fantastic songwriting from christian and michiko.

we’d be so huge now. we were sorta huge then. lots of people at gigs. good following. too bad that there were people not able to handle their drugs.

ah well.

these songs are just great, though.