Lots of stuff and not much all at the same time…

Years ago, page when I was a young working actor type, allergy I was told to write stuff for myself and that would keep me in show business. Well, I did. And, it didn’t quite work. Nothing ever got made. There was a moment where one script I wrote was going to go with me as a director, but that never happened. Then at the turn of the century (hi, going for the one), a wacky idea that patrick labyorteaux had been working on for 4 or 5 years got made. an actual feature film. and, you know, i didn’t have an agent at the time and my manager never saw the movie. never even came to the set. it only took me another 4 years to gather the balls to let them know that i thought it was time we both “moved on”.

A couple friends have written and shot tv shows on their own and one is on the air and another looks like it’s probably going to hit the small screen, ass well. So, i’ve written a tv pilot that i want to shoot in january. we’ll see. if it doesn’t work as a pilot, i’ve got either a good short flick or the first act of a feature.

in other news, you may be able to tell from reading my whining and ramblings that i am lucky enough to have been blessed by the good lord with serious, mind altering, stare at the walls, depression. it is bad, bad, bad and there are times that it gets really, really scary. my bride is a rock and i don’t understand how she can take it sometimes. the only benefit in the last few months is that i’ve had no appetite and i’ve lost all the weight i gained buying the house last year… and then some… about 25lbs.

irregardlessly, i started going to headshrinking earlier this year and we’ve been futzing around with different medications. he’s a really rational, science based, shrink and i really appreciate that there is absolutely no woo-woo with him. nothing was working and that makes it worse and then last week he prescribed another medication that’s actually used for something other than depression and my world has changed. it is fascinating. truly. man. i actually feel good. i feel like a human. it’s pretty awesome. so that’s that going on.

i sleep with my ipod playing podcasts. this past summer, i went through a this american life and studio 360 phase. that’s all well and good. there are also the robert ingersoll essays that some nutjob has recorded. those are great, too. it’s nice to wake in the middle of the night to the soothing sounds of rational. i’ve tried to find some good skeptic podcasts. the ones i’d found were… okay. nothing too terrific and then i happened upon the new england skeptical society’s “the skeptic’s guide to the universe” podcast.

Jessie and I refer to them as the Skeptic Superfriends. It’s 3-5 skeptics sitting around (they’re actually all at their individual homes, connected by skype or something) chatting. they all know enough not to talk over each other. the sound quality is really good. they have different sections that they do every week, one of my faves being “name that logical fallacy”. the other one, science or fiction, is pretty damned good, ass well.




are the two links to their pages. i highly recommend it.

speaking of content…

let’s see if this works:

it’s “coreyoke”, the 80’s karaoke band wot i mangle the bass.

that’s all for now.

i’ll be officially middle aged in just a couple of days.

holy hell.