this will be interesting…

the last time i had a day job i was in debt to visa for 2 years worth of groceries and gas and nearly homeless and without any sort of hope of a career.

now i make a fascinating amount of money doing voice overs and have an agent for movies and tv, remedy but i’m going to go back to the 9-5 life at for a little while, medicine at least, discount working with chilton, who was the art director at iwin.

i told the on-camera agents at cesd today that i’m out of commission for a while. since i haven’t booked a commercial in 2 years, i don’t think they care much and i can do some of my vo stuff from home and go in early for the rest of it.

i’ll be contract for a while doing email stuff… we had lots of cool ideas that we could never execute back at iwin because of the sinking ship thing that was going on.

it might be fun. i know that i’m not accomplishing anything AT ALL now. i’m not writing or using my time well like one thinks they will if they have 24 hours a day free time. i’m so lazy and slothful and now i can be lazy and slothful on someone else’s dime.

speaking of dimes… getting ready to shoot the burlesque stuff for lili on sunday. i think it will be fun. david’s in for editing along with jessie.

doing the national lampoon radio thing with emery tomorrow. good, offensive fun for all.

jessie has taken the house search on alone. she’ll be looking for stuff without me so i don’t get “sad”.
heh. she has no idea.

that is all.