I can’t take credit for the “two minutes of hate” meme; that honor belongs to Mr. Orwell.

I can take some credit for spreading it around recently and I was very happy when my friend, see Colin, called me with the understanding that this Swine Flu nonsense is simply Two Minutes of Hate.

Speaking of Two Minutes of Hate: Someone on FaceSpaceBook commented that the swine flu fear is just a ploy by those “evil pharmaceutical companies” to sell more drugs. I suggested he do us all a favor and stop taking medicine. Here’s hoping I’m unfriended or whatever it is that people like that do.

Speaking of death, I wonder if that god that danny gans believed in could figure out who he was doing impressions of.

Started a temp gig yesterday at a big entertainment company. Y’know… It’s those content management systems that keep us all employed. If it weren’t for the CMS, I’d have finished the gig today. As it is, I’m probably there another three weeks. Maybe more.