someone put security edition on the web site and i am now totally sold out of security editions.

if you don’t know what the bill of rights – security edition is, recipe click here.

fortunately, pharmacist a couple weeks ago i ordered a whole bunch more as they seem to be selling quite well again thanks to penn’s two mentions on his radio show.

i’m also going to be selling two more 4th amendment products: luggage tags and keychains/dogtags.

the luggage tags will be your basic plastic kind (bright yellow) that you tie around your luggage handle with a card for you to insert your contact info for when the airline sends your bag to guatemala.

this is what the proof looks like:

The keychain/dogtags are etched metal and are really beautiful.

This is what they look like:

(yes, i know there is a space after “cause”. It’s been fixed.)

Speaking of being a nut, I ordered and received a really cool “no Che” t-shirt. It’s really beautiful and I feel so… so… ornery when I wear it. Everyone’s so used to seeing really “cool” peeps wearing the sexy Che t-shirts not realizing what a complete dick he was.

Totally a dick.

Speaking of being a dick… I talked to Stuart Fratkin about maybe doing a few podcasts with each other. I’ve been listening to a bunch of ’em and, frankly, they’re pretty worthless. I thought we might just record a big long conversation where we talk about stupid shit we did doing movies and t.v. shows together and then I’d edit the good stuff down to little 10-15 minute podcasts.

If you’re one of the 4 people who read this and think that sounds like something you’d be interested in listening to at by for, drop me a line dean at mightcheese dot com.

speaking of great people…

somehow, i stumbled on to “” the web site of a shania twain tribute band. It’s an amazing world. but from there, i found “” and found this fellow.

I love him. And I don’t mean that in that hipster, ironic way. I love him and how he goes for it. people who go for it should be rewarded. And, like James Watson was rewarded by getting to be on my web page, this guitar player gets to be rewarded by having his photo on my stupid fucking blog.

If you make any sort of fun of him, you are a douche.

He makes money playing music.

Speaking of ironically making fun of almost-rans, I did an interview with retro-crush regarding Bukowsica! which has been extended yet again and there is talk about expanding the show a bit and running it as a mainstage production this fall at Sacred Fools.

He transcribed it from a tape he made of a phone call so some of it seems as if it was put through the alta vista babelfish japanese translator, but you get the gist of what i was going for.

It’s always worrisome doing interviews on web sites because many go for the easy laugh and make fun of people like me who had a couple of minutes of near celebrity a long time ago (summer school shot 20 years ago this September) so I try to keep it a close to the vest so I don’t come off like a complete moron. Just sort of a moron.


The interviewer, Robert, was very sweet and mentioned my stupid blog and seemed to appreciate the honesty I’ve fooled everyone into thinking exists here.

Butt seriassly, I do try to be fairly honest about stuff. Seems easier.

So. Soon, I will be recoding for the two new products. I’m also going to add some stuff to and join the turn of the century and make the move to php.

We go to new york for spamscam in a couple of weeks. You should go there and paypal us some money so we can eat while we’re there.

Yeah, i’m begging. Eat it.

It’ll be neat to be in New York in June. I’ll be a walking fourth amendment.

That is all.

Too long today. Too long.