i’d forgotten how exhausting this show is. man, cheap i just forgot. it’s good. it’s a “good hurt”; a fine problem to have, therapy but it sure is tiring and there’s lots of work to do.

just the physical part of being alone on stage for about an hour and talking is demanding. then there’s keeping all the lines straight. and finally, if i get all that basic stuff straight, i can start to think about things like arc, objectives, character and crap like that. right now, it’s the physical stuff.

jen is great. she totally gets it. with the help of the re-write and some perspective on the infamous “scene six”, it’s much smoother sailing. both characters are wanting the same thing but going about it differently and that’s the conflict and that’s the tough part. now the exhaustion comes from fulfilling the objective of the scene and not from both of us trying to figure the scene out *and* performing it… but manohman, it’s an exhausting scene. that rehassle was 3 hours? i think, and i got a solid 10 hours of sleep in today. working with jen is really nice. it’s fun.

then, the anticipation of working on my two monologues. well, kids, it’s an exhausting fucking show. that’s what i have to say about that. my voice, my back, my feet, my knees. bleh. then we get in to the self-loathing, the doubt, the fear, the am i too old to play this part crap… after all it was written almost six years ago; written for a guy in his mid-late 30’s. a couple of months and i’m mid 40’s.

holy balls!


had scene 4 rehassle today. 4 hours. wiped me out. i “bonked” at the end. i just stopped. couldn’t remember anything. you could’ve taken all my money… i would’ve agreed to anything. nutty.

so. that’s the acting fun that i’m going through until we open.

i feel like once i get a little more control over the physical bullshit, basically, the lines, then i can start to have some fun. i know where the lines go… the idea of each scene, but i’m trying to not just do a repeat of the performance last year and find some new stuff, so… blah blah blah…

tomorrow is scene 5 rehassle. the hog is exposed. hoo ha.

i’m now going to take my script and wander aimlessly around downtown for an hour talking to myself.

oh. windwood theatricals are officially representing the nigerian spam scam scam for bookings, tours, etc. pretty damned cool. they have some good stuff and have been in the biz of booking stuff like mine for a long time so i’m in good hands. i’m excited. they’re excited. victor’s excited. aaron’s excited. it’s good. if we get 2-3 months on the road, we make serious coin. more than that and we totally rule.

so, thank you brick theater $ellout festival for that.

my wife, by the way, is a genius. she’s a good director. hire her. keep me in the manner i’m accustomed to.

now i walk and mutter.

rock on.