Wow. It’s been quite a week.

The bride and boy are ill. In the bad way.
Security Edition cards were linked on an extremely popular blog called Daring Fireball.
Lawrence O’Donnell had Penn and the hero, John Tyner, on his show and they talked A LOT about the Security Edition cards.
Penn went on the Wolf Blitzer show and basically did a commercial for the Bill of Rights – Security Edition cards.

Nuttiness. In the good way. Except for the bride and boy being sick. That is no damned good. I think we’ll just end up going to Marie Callendars for bird slaughter day. I’m taking the lad by the grandparents.

In other news, I did an interview with a very nice young person at the Horror Hound convention. He put it up here:

There’s good stuff about the convention and, most importantly: ME!


Happy turkey slaughtering. I, along with most everyone else who has a non-retail job, have the next four days off and that is good schtuffs.

Want a signed headshot?

Send a self addressed stamped envelope BIG ENOUGH FOR AN 8X10 PHOTO!!!! to:

dean cameron c/o
Stagecoach Mgmt.
1526 14th St.
Santa Monica,

Ralphs grocery store in Los Angeles,does not have an apostrophe. Just wanted to get that out of the way.

I got a new Ralphs Cult Member card today because I realized that my millions of points are going to an old phone number that the card is linked to and I have no way of… who cares? I got a new card.

So,in honor of using a sharpie to make things interesting, I did this:

ralphs reWARds

ralphs reWARds