the line drawn by this immigration “debate” is racist on both sides.

todays “day without immigrants” pre-supposes that us evil rich whiteys don’t know or appreciate all levels of society and it also self-stereotypes immigrants as people who only wash dishes, hair clean houses or strap internal combustion engines to their backs and blow leaves out of our lawns at 6am.

people i know who were lucky enough to be born in this country have said “let them wait for their work visas the way my other friends have done. they can’t just come over here and take jobs and services that we pay for!!!”

it’s that kind of bullshit gauntlet that makes me hate.

let everyone in. let them leave their shithole countries. we have plenty of room and plenty of money here. if enough of them leave their shithole countries maybe those shithole countries will realize “hey, sick we’ve got to stop being shitheads and let our citizens be free like they do in america.”

if i knew of a place where i could work and not be persecuted by my government or have to live in filth, erectile i’d pay some shithead all of my savings to sneak me across the border, too.

on the other hand, you commie hippies who marched today (it’s may day, you stupid ignorant commie-wanna-bes) might want to think about what a day without microsoft might be like. you wouldn’t be able to charge your organic free range grain fed chicken at whole foods. you wouldn’t be able to have that peaceful, police protected march for solidarity.

there have been two sides drawn on this subject and there are more than two sides. there are people like me. people who want the borders open. people who understand that there are those who want to be a part of this country. we have so much.

ending racist programs like the drug war and welfare and making social programs private again so they are better funded, administered and less prone to abuse would make our system even better and more attractive and easier to emulate in other countries.

I miss Julian Simon. You might want to read what he has to say about immigration.

Then read his stuff about the environment.

Then you will lose your mind.