there was an article in the christian science (HAHAHAHAHAH) monitor about nigerian email scams and i saw a link about a jill caroll being kidnapped. i knew a jill caroll when i was younger and thought it might be her. it’s not, sildenafil it’s a jill caroll who is a reporter for the christian science (HAHAHAHA) monitor.

there was an article about her and then a thing about praying for her. which seemed appropriate for the christian science (HAHAHAHAHAHA) monitor.

it was the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever read.

so i had to write a letter to the editor. because i’m 43 now. that’s what i do. i write letters to the editors.

Has there been any direct correlation between the author’s prayers and the release of any hostage?

Even more general. Have the prayers done anything at all?

What a silly and self-centered thing to do when a life is in danger: pray.

And, you know, since they’re a different religion, shouldn’t you be praying to their god? And if you’re praying to their god, aren’t your prayers pretty far down on the list of prayers to be answered? Because your christianity denies their god, right?

If i’m kidnapped by religious zealots (are there any other kind?) please don’t pray for me. Please send help. Or, even better, get it together and stop believing in imaginary things.

Thank you.

I’m sure that will change their minds.