Penn & Teller have been using the Bill of Rights – Security Edition cards in their live show for a while now and USA Today picked up the story. Pretty cool.

Reading the comments on the page, viagra buy it’s always sad to see how readily people will just give over to authority. It’s not about being made to wait in line, cialis it’s checking to see what one would give up to feel safe. We all know that it’s for show. We know the searches at the airport are useless. They’re simply so some people feel safe and because “they” had to “do something”.

In other news, youth health I’ve been doing web contract work at Disney Consumer Products. It’s been pretty great (and I would still say so even if it wasn’t great, so you really can’t tell, can you…) but it looks like it’s going to be ending next week.

In other noose, some big shot says they’re going to pay me to write The Nigerian Spam Scam Scam movie. Bring it. I’ll certainly have time. Well, until late July.

Man, the bride looks like she’s trying to shoplift a watermelon, unsuccessfully trying to hide it under her shirt. Lengthwise. Duncan seems to favor her right side.

He’ll be a right-winger as a kid and then grow up and be a fucking loser hippie. He hates me already.