OddComment #2 is done and uploaded and set to go. I think.

Patrick Labyorteaux, page Stuart Fratkin and I sat and watched the flick (for the first time in a lonnnnng time) and reminisced about the actual good old days of going to Canada with sort of a script.

http://www.oddcomment.com/2008/07/05/ski-school/ should be working and available for your downloading enjoyment.

It is hot off the audio presses here at the OddComment command center. If you enjoyed Ski Stool, you’ll enjoy this.

A friend of mine, David Lawrence, suggested that I offer to create outgoing messages for veritable strangers who might be unable to leave their own or want the voice of the guy from that movie on their voice mail.

Check the OGM link. I made it fairly price prohibitive, so one really must want one.

I’m a great salesman. Gee.