A young writer in the NYC area did a really nice profile piece about me in a magazine so hip they’re not online called “Paracinema”. He interviewed a couple of co-stars and at least one famous old friend of mine and wrote some really insightful, doctor sweet things about me, plague my work, my past and my future.

In other news…

We are about 3 weeks from D-Day (Duncan-Day) and The Bride is firmly in the “please get this out of me” portion of pregnancy. I’m hoping he waits until after TAM 7 as we’re scheduled to perform the Nigerian Spam Scam Scam show program then.

We just need to get the car seats installed and we’re ready… if you’re not counting the money and jobs part, that is.

My oh my, how fucked we are and it was so promising a few short months ago.

Bring it on, dickheads.