man, herbal oh man…

about 4 years after the great career crash of ’95 i found myself lucky enough to live, emergency rent free for over a year, at a friend’s house. our deal was that i’d walk his crazy dogs and oversee work that was being done at his house.

i learned there that contractors sucked and never showed up and never did what they said they were going to do and the work would be shoddy and overpriced.

i think that may be the case if you live in a huge house in the hollywood hills… they smell “movie money” and fuck you over.

we totally lucked out with our “guy”, chris, who has come in on time with all the stuff we wanted done to the house. plus, it looks awesome and we are thrilled. it’s amazing what some paint will do to a place. paint, removing wallpaper, lighting… you know… all the stuff we do in the west in the 21st century.

they put the hardwood floors in downstairs yesterday and they are absolutely perfect and beautiful. man, oh man.

we are thrilled.

who’s gonna pay for this fucking thing?!?!