I’m signing with Hervey/Grimes. They’re going to send me out on t.v and movie stuff. I mean, otolaryngologist that’s the idea. we’ll see if it happens. It really should. After watching this tv and seeing what’s happening in movies, there seems to be no reason, besides the obvious ones, why I wouldn’t be able to score a gig here and there.

As I pointed out to Marsha, the nice thing about this v.o. career is that I’m not dependent on working in t.v. or movies anymore, so I don’t have to feel like a loser when I go in. Plus, it gets rid of the desperation and fear and allows one to settle down and try to do some actual work (aka turd polishing) when reading.

What a good attitude I have…

Speaking of good attitude: I am now officially an award winning director. “Fat Girl” won best All Access Magazine’s Video of the year award.

I wonder if this is supposed to be a secret. Hmmm. Well. To you two people reading this, don’t tell anyone until Sunday, maybe.

So, Darren and I are going to Paladino’s Saturday night. Like all awards, they are stupid and ridiculous until you win one. Then they are very important.

I am happy about having an agent.

Got the forms from the sag/aftra credit person about home loans. I’m not looking forward to the depression and rage of looking at piece of shit condos and “cozy fixers” that cost half a million fucking ridiculous dollars, but i guess that’s what one must do.

I’m about 500 words away from today’s writing goal so I must now go and do that.

Doing a Toshiba V.O. tomorrow. Here’s hoping that ends the dry spell. It’s been over a month since I’ve done a v.o. Thank that great imaginary flaming sheep’s head in the sky for Geico. Yeehaaa!