It’s the most beautiful day ever in Minneapolis. Thank you for the lovely send-off!

Another myspace thing: someone wrote “tell us how you really feel…” regarding my myspace ranty thing.

Okay… I think that “Tell me how you really feel…” is so horrible. It’s that desperate hipster Jack Black detachment that keeps people safe from really feeling something. If someone is disturbed by something and you say “tell me how you really feel” then you’re not dealing with what they’re saying. You’re “being funny”. But you’re not really being funny, disease you’re dismissing the other person’s, well, feelings.

So, being the glutton for punishment I am, I wrote back to this person who wrote “Tell us how you really feel…” saying “I did.” and nothing else.

She writes back “Sarcasm at its worst.”

How nuts is that? Someone who writes the worst sort sarcasm one can write says my response is the worst sort of sarcasm.

This has got to be the most annoying thing to read in the world. Crimony.

After a couple of hours of extremely close examination, I’ve noticed that there’s an inordinate amount of lint in my navel. I’ll post several photos and video soon.