Awhile ago, capsule I figured that if I was going to end up as a one hit wonder, which I’m still not resigned to being, I might as well figure some way to tastefully cash in on it.

I like developing web stuff with Colin Summers and I like talking about myself. Hmmm…

There are lots of movies out there which will never be released on dvd with a bunch of fancy extras, especially audio commentary. It’s just not worth it to a studio. But… there are always going to be people who are a little bit interested in something someone has to say about their favorite movie. 

I’m thinking of folks like Steve Buscemi or Eric Stoltz or Kyle Maclachlan… guys who have done a shitload of movies that people love but the movies never got the kind of attention they deserved. 

Who knows, “Bodies, Rest and Motion” may be someone’s favorite movie and they’d pay a buck and a half to download an audio commentary. Maybe Ski School II. We’ll certainly see, won’t we?

Which brings me to: 

It’s got that nifty interCap thing that all the web 2.0 kids are using. On the other hand, it uses real words… which may be a strike agin’ it. 

Right now, there are a total of one OddComment commentaries to download. Wouldn’t you know it… Summer School. Go figure.

Patrick Labyorteaux, Richard Horvitz and I got together and watched the movie and talked about it. If you’re interested, purchase and download the commentary, pop in your DVD, when the Paramount logo is visible, start the audio. It’s similar to the method of watching The Wizard of Oz and listening to The Dark Side of the Moon. 

I’m hoping to add a few more of the things I’ve done fairly soon. It’s a pain in the butt wrangling creative types… even if it’s to talk about themselves!

If you know showfolk who have stuff they want to pimp, send ’em my way.

And yes, I will be opening it up at some point for anyone to record commentary about any movie. Who wouldn’t love to hear Richard Dawkins & PZ Meyers do commentary about “Expelled: The Movie”? But right now, I want to limit the focus.