I used to live here the first half of third grade. Then my mom packed us up in her VW bug and we moved to beautiful Oklahoma City.

We’re doing spamscam here for three nights. There’s a nice, purchase full page article in the local l.a. weakly type paper, which is excellent and the nice interviewer used some of my better “quips” like the one about how if I had been sitting around bored on the Mister Sterling set in the 70’s I would’ve been out of my mind on blow instead of screwing with a Nigerian 419 scammer via email.

We’re downtown, so it’s sorta remeniscent of the dreaded Minneapolis experience. If we happen to tank here, the outlook is not good.

We rented a PLANET KILLING SUV BECAUSE WE’RE EVIL to drive here. I started nodding off almost immediately so I got Victor to take over and he drove the entire way. Very cool beans.

Going to play the new audio clips at the end of the show. They’re not really integrated, but it will be a cool experiment. I think I have a fairly good template for Spamscam II. Not sure. Hope so.

If I don’t get all lazy over the next few weeks, I can have it at fighting weight for the New Jersey show.

Speaking of shows….

Coreyoke is killing. Our audience doubled this past week. We took bribes to bring people up. It was insane. We’re going to have to sign peeps up before we start and lock the list. Great problems to have. Really, really very cool.

There have been some excellent folks who have been showing up from day one who helped it along as we limped along. Steve, Ginger, Allie, Jeff, Corey (coincidentally) have all been instrumental in “keeping the coreyoke dream alive”… *sniff* *tears*… butt seriassly, I hope the past two weeks haven’t been anomalous. Then I will kill people.

Now all I have to do is learn the songs!

You know, there’s nothing like travel and a hotel room to make one really miss their wife.

Whine, whine, whine… I’m excited about the shows.

Oh. one more whine… slowest internet connection in the history of internet. i’m replicating my 2400bps modem with this wireless connection. fascinating. truly.

Victor and me 15 mins before curtain. Good luck, generic

Final night in Tucson, viagra AZ. One of up has their priorities straight. Who can sit still with all the ADD going around these days?