what would be a post without me complaining?

the agents repping spamscam have us here in new york to perform a 30minute version for folks who book our type of show in their respective theaters.

it is freezing here. my crimony. there’s ice and snow and it’s just cold.

a friend of mine has a place here and he’s not here so i’m staying there. he has an amazing jacket that has saved my life. if it weren’t for his jacket, weight loss i would be dead.

i had some questions:

1. never heard back from godaddy. i don’t care, really. i don’t think the racist guy is funny. that’s all. i was hoping to just make his life a little more difficult. i don’t think he’s really a racist… well… maybe he is. i think he’s hiding behind his religion. if he didn’t have that, he probably couldn’t be doing that “character”. blah blah.

2. if you are in the nyc area (rug), we’re at the broadway comedy club at 6 and 10. it is not going to be our full show at all. it is going to be half as long without our usual lighting. on the other hand, if you like getting out of the house in freezing ass weather, then maybe sunday is the day for you.

holy beans it’s cold. i bet it’s colder in minneapolis.

serves ’em right.

i had tea the day i got in with some friends here at the st. regis. it’s so nice to do. i want to find a place in l.a. that has a nice afternoon tea. might be something to do a couple times a month. i liked it at the st. regis better when they brought out the ginormous platter thing. oh well…. my friends paid for it, so it was perfect!

had indian food down in little india with victor and andy, the guy he’s staying with. when we performed here in june, he was donald aboyami. i’d forgotten this: he couldn’t see the screen very well so instead of “mister pakir kubani” he improvised the name “Poonan Koonan”. Much ribbing tonight.

In other news, one of the libertarian web sites, the adovcates, has redone their site and updated my listing. it’s too bad that they can’t get better celebrities than me. there is a rumor that brangelina want to do atlas shrugged. they would be perfect. i would worry that they might water it down.

dunno. who cares? it’s cold!
must to sleep.