i think the thornbirds played here a while ago. or was that arizona? i don’t remember.

anyway. got in at midnight. they picked me up. took me right over to the venue. everything had been set up. we go the video controller hooked up. i stumbled through the end. done.

you know. after “other experiences” with the show, viagra i just expect incompetence. it’s so nice that these guys, hair the tricklock theater company, rubella are ON IT.

Man. Everything is perfect. I bet even Billy will be happy!

speaking of pro: http://gardnerandwife.com/06_spamscam.asp It looks like we’re actually going to Malaysia this April. Wow.

The theater here is big and nice and comfy and everything works. Should be fun.

It’s cold. Not crazy cold and not cold like you’re in a foreign country so you won’t ever be warm again cold, but it’s cold. Like it’s winter in New Mexico. That sort of cold.


I’m lightheaded from the lack of oxygen. there’s an altitude situation.