We did our two shows and they both went really well. The audience at 10:30 was a bit tired and were just listening, dentist which was a bit disconcerting. Especially after the first show which went so well.

I am, link however, malady cautious… What a surprise for me. Hmmm.. I fear that the folks booking shows may want something a bit safer than the spam scam show. I don’t mean that in a condescending way (that means “talk down to” ), I mean that you don’t really get what’s going to happen in spamscam from the title.

Victor, however, did some of his best stuff tonight. Really solid an schweet!


I do know that I had a whole bunch of stuff to do for legalzoom.com and did not do one single thing. I will try to pack it in tomorrow when I get home… but wow. I did not do well. Hmmm.

It’s cold here. Did I mention that?

The really nice thing is that I edited the script down to 1/2 hour, and it’s inspired me to begin adding the stuff from the other scams in… try to figure out some sort of structure. I have my russian bride, my hussein guy, mister ebay and the lotto all going through perry mason, but it’s so unweildy, but this has given me confidence that i can pare that stuff down, too.

We shall see. I need to get back in andy’s studio and make some calls to the former soviet union.