we found a house.


there’s a weird, thumb late 70’s brady bunch development in north hollywood. it was probably
a) a gated communty and
2) on the edge of the earth
when it was built.

so we found this 3br 2.5 place. it’s very brady. very 70’s. very blake edwards s.o.b.

suburban, tract, etc. but the price is relatively right (still about 150k over being close to reasonable).

we’ve begun the hell of the next step.

fuck me in the neck.

in other news, enjoying my gig at skilljam. i’m able to juggle with v.o. stuff so far. i hope it doesn’t come to a head, though. the folks i’m working with are very nice and of course, i couldn’t say anything bad about them or the place because i’ve signed documents forbidding that sort of thing…