as expected, order the guy at al y ed’s seemed surprised that i’d want to see the display of my ipod when i was using it. gee. “but you just make the playlists…”

long annoying story shorter and still annoying.

travel to radio shack and buy a little stereo splitter cable. xm inserted in to one. ipod in to the other. the one going to the ipod has a 6000 foot cable so it looks like shit right now, ask but who cares, viagra really when spending a shitload of money on something with features you don’t use. right? right? hey, what the fuck. let’s fuck that asshole. he’s a middle aged white guy. asshole probably deserves it.

drove an hour in traffic to panorama city (where dreams go to die) to look at a 475k slum. it was so fucking awful that i just walked out while the owners were showing me the features. for example, it had a bathroom with a toilet and a shower/tub. i turned to the agent and said “i’m not buying this piece of shit. are you?” and left. at least he had further to drive in the stupid traffic.

i’ll be glad when the people pass on our crazy offer so we can get to the true joy of the holiday season.

fuck them in the neck.

next stop: bowel cancer!