People like me who support Ron Paul have now been completely marginalized by the media. We are a punchline to a joke told while laughing behind hands, right? The arguments for liberty and freedom are met with “get real” at the least and “you’re a racist” at the most.

So today, Scott Horton, (my newest man-crush from & antiwar radio) while talking about how Rachel Maddow is a fool and a shill for our most recent demagogue dipshit president in a long line of demagogue dipshit presidents summed up exactly what this marginalization of Ron Paul will cost us:

With Romney “chosen” as the candidate of “the right”, Obama will happily try to OUT-HUEVO Romney. “I’m a badass, too, motherfuckers!!” Obama will now be running to the right on war and gleefully claim that he is just as tough as Romney and has no problem sending troops in anywhere someone so much as looks angrily at an American flag.

The war begun by the previous demagogue is going on a decade, right? No sign of letting up. A friend of mine who was way into the attack on Iraq has a son who is going to be able to serve in another ten years. It’s a frighteningly short 16 years until Duncan is eligible to “serve his country”.

So yeah, you got to ‘make history’ somehow and elect someone who has no moral center. Clinton, who would say and do anything to get elected at least had a point of view. Obama’s only point of view is to stay in power. Good. You got him. He’ll have another term.

Meanwhile, the guy who ran on a platform of silliness like peace, personal responsibility and inalienable rights is a fool and a racist.

Let’s roll!