Some people who have a hand in my career believe that the key to me getting roles in movies and television is having a hit podcast.


I think that getting people to see me for roles in movies and television or come out and see The Nigerian Spam Scam Scam makes more sense as it’s something that utilizes just about everything I do but a podcast could be interesting.

The Half-Assed Cast was fun while it lasted.

I’m thinking of doing one on my own where I each episode has me “visiting” a place I’ve lived during my journey here on earth.

But, until I get off my ass and do that,I’ve been aksed to be a part of The Movie Sneak podcast. It’s a couple guys who I do not know at all, Craig Jameson & Jim DeLaney. They are a couple of big time movie buffs who know and care way more about show-biz than I do.

The first episode hits the internets 11/2/2015 and the first one I’m in will be unleashed 11/09/2015.

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