What would you call a movie about a young guy who makes his best friend do his homework, recipe goes around indiscriminately beating the shit out of people under the guise of family honor, ignores his parents’s’ss wishes, ignores his daugher, is a drunken asshole who doesn’t pay his bills and, as a young man makes his hardworking best friend buy his thug buddies drinks and food, then wrongly kills a man which in turn becomes responsible for his mother and daughter’s death?

But wait… there’s more.

What would you call a movie where, instead of facing up to what he’s done, asswipe leaves the country and becomes a burden on a group of farmers whose days are spent in the fields doing literal backbreaking work; their only respite being the occasional BREEZE. They feed, clothe and house him for free for at least a YEAR, designating an “honorable” blind chick to tend to his every need. She even replants his share of the crop in the middle of the night after he does a shitty job.

Just as she’s falling in love with asshole, he decides to go back to his home town where he discovers that “foreigners” have “invaded” his country. His version of invade means that they’ve taken down the boxing ring in the middle of town where the bully from each family used to beat the shit out of each other for entertainment and turned it into a peaceful market.

In a fit of ego, he goes to the daughter and widow of the man he killed and, instead of asking how they are and taking care of them, he demands to be taken to a picture of the man he wrongly killed and weeps as the confused daughter and widow watch.

Then, asshole decides that foreigners are ruining his country and starts a club for kids of his race to be strong so they can fight the foreigners who are making his race impure by “interbreeding” and bringing business to his country.

What would you call a movie where this asshole then proceeds to tell wise people that he prefers not to learn about anything; because feelings are more important than information someone might have? He doesn’t take the time to listen to the information and then dismiss it, no… he just outright says “I don’t care about the knowledge you’ve acquired over time… I know what I feel is right.”?

What would you call a movie this movie, which glorifies tribalism and racism at its most backwards and ugly, makes the contemptible lead character into a hero.

You would call it: JET LI’S: FEARLESS
I would call it: JET LI’S: RACIST JERK

If it was about a white guy, the movie would have a completely different tone; it wouldn’t glorify him. Understand, I don’t think making it about a white guy is a good thing… AT ALL. I don’t want equal time for my ancestral stupid idiots. A tribal, backward thinking, bully, racist, murdering shithead is just that… it doesn’t matter what color his skin is.

Also… didn’t they remake the Texas Chainsaw Massacre a few years ago? I saw a preview for TCM: the beginning which looks exactly like the remake of a few years ago. I think it has the same people in it. I’m so confused.

Plus, all previews are the same now. Oh, the horror.