today’s subject: the ipod thing i got installed in my 4runner yesterday.

i’ve tried the two things for the ipod wot connect to the radio via radio signals, here the podfreq and some other piece of shit, stomatology itrip, that doesn’t work and, well, neither of them work, though the podfreq has a few more options which ultimately don’t work.

i also wanted to get the xm display raised as i keep looking down at it and i don’t think that’s so safe, so, i broke down and went to al & ed’s autosound to get something installed so i’d have a direct connection from the ipod to my ears and have the xm display mounted a bit higher so i could peripherally see the cars i run in to while i’m looking at the xm display.

they sold me something called the usa-spec. the salesman said i could control it through the radio. create 5 playlists and you can use the factory stereo. fine. i don’t really use playlists, so i figured that i’d just not use that and use the ipod the way i use it now; find a band, album, etc. that i like and push play and fast forward. seems pretty obvious.

apparently, it’s not obvious. apparently one is supposed to remember every song and artist one has in their ipod, put them in five playlists and operate the thing from memory. when you plug the ipod in to this thing, the ipod display doesn’t work.

that’s a nice song, what’s it called? who is it by? i don’t know. suck my dick, please.

now i have to go back and get them to take it out (said the altar boy to the pastor) and that will suck ass in the bad way.

i just want to be able to play the ipod through my car stereo with no static. how difficult is that?

the main reason for doing this is spending all savings so we can’t buy a house.

speaking of that… suprisingly, they’ve rejected the lunatic offer of 410 and come down to 450. we’re going back at 418k. this will show them that they are dealing with a crazy cheapskate who does not care. pretty spot on, eh?

fucking ipod. another reason to hate apple.