we are killing. killing.

shows are going great. victor is rockin the free world.

i am in the middle, psychiatrist however, view of dealing with adults who actly like children regarding bukowsical and love tapes.

it’s just plays, people. it is just stupid fucking plays and we are dragging each other through the god damned mud for it.

speaking of spam scam. the cues are running fast and we are jamming. it’s nice doing the shoe in a comfy theater for people who are excited to see it and we are making money. so nice.

i really enjoy montreal. it is a comfy city. there’s lots of french going on.

went to a strip club the other night. i’ve forgotten about how much i hate that “hustle”. sitting there just looking at nekkid ladies. that’s all i want to do. i don’t want them to try to make me believe they like me. i don’t need them to try to rub my lap and give me a boner.

just dance. do some of that stuff with the pole. that is a cool skill.
show me your vagina. it looks neat-o!

our waitress the other night said “it’s my first night”.

i said “what a coincidence. i was born yesterday”.

she didn’t get it.

our theater is cool-o. i’ll post photos of it, soon.

that’s all.