in mini-soda. it’s a lovely city. we’re in a studio apartment with a murphy bed. it is insanely small. barely enough room for me, sildenafil but that’s life in art.

i realized that i can’t blog too specifically about my experience doing the big shoe here as i’m married to the director and, well, it’s a blog so guilty parties can always gander at this. so that’s why my posts are so self centered; i can’t write about others. as much as i may hate someone, i don’t know if that should be public knowledge. the public being, of course, you 4 people.

ah well.

so, it’s really great here in minneapolis so far. i think you could just add “so far” to all sentences as we all know that it can change at the drop of a crucifix.

we don’t have our own internet in the apt, but there is a weak signal from someone who hasn’t closed their network and here’s hoping they never do. but, it’s an unreliable signal good for checking email and that’s about it.

around the corner is a Panera bread shop and they have free wifi. so it seems like this is where i will be doing skilljam stuff. it’s not open at night and that is a big drag but it will keep me off the internets and on topic (the shoe, life, etc.) and that’s probably good.

there’s a ymca literally next door to us. it’s huge and great with a pool and all sorts of stuff and a great kickboxing class which killed me yesterday. so i think i can slim down a bit more before we open. i have three weeks. i’d like to lose at least another 5. 10 would be best. i’m shooting for that by the time i get back to l.a.

i haven’t been on location since ski stool II – electric boogaloo. and that’s what this seems like, minus the, well, you know… but, being able to focus on the matter at hand and not having to worry about the minutae of daily life. that spoiled child thing. the thing i hate but love.

the thing i hate about it is that it goes away. if i could live in that cocoon of spoiled, it would be so nice. much of the difficulty i had after “the great career crash of ’95” was coming out of that cocoon and being forced to deal with the world head-on without the buffer of celebrity between us.

awareness of the end of the cocoon makes me sad and anxious.

the thing i’ve noticed about mini-sodans is that they have no respect of personal space and don’t move out of the way when walking. it seems that they even may drift towards you as you move. there seems to be a territorial thing. i don’t know.

the accent is hilarious. holy cow, eh?

we’re in the “warehouse district”; a bunch of old warehouses converted to condos and businesses just in time for the great depression. instead of 7-11’s and donut shops, they have theaters and bars on every corner.

the 2nd storey of the entire downtown is connected by walkways. THAT’S HOW FUCKING COLD IT IS HERE IN THE WINTER, PEOPLE!! and that is why i will not be here for any sort of winter run. there is an entire city on the second storey.

i must get a draft done of the script. i finally have a good idea for something and i now have time. it will be difficult to procrastinate it away… i could probably do it, but it seems foolish.

we’re going to try to buy some property in new orleans. wacky.

when my heart mends, i will write about the bukowsical debacle.

speaking of genius. the new tool record is so good. that maynard guy. he has two great bands. fuckhead. how come he’s not exalted? or is he? i’m so out of the music loop. do they sell out arenas and stuff? does a perfect circle open for tool? he probably can’t sing that, but that would be cool. i’m sure that’s talked about on the Tool discussion boards every day. i’m a senior citizen. the band i was in, six angry feet, played on a bill with tool at the coconut teaszer. i remember that he had shirts and all sorts of merchandise for sale. they also drew a crowd. huge. he sang a song about shooting god with a gun. i think. it was really loud and i was really jealous that they drew such a huge crowd, so i didn’t stay.

alright. must to leave.