I will be playing bass twice in one week.

November 7th, bronchi is the first night of Coreyoke at The Joint in L.A.

Coreyoke is an 80’s karaoke band. We have about 50 songs. You pick the one you want to sing, sign up, we get you up on stage, count you in and you rock the house. We are each a “Corey”. I’m Feldman, the guitarist is Haim and the drummer is Hart.

It is the most fun you will ever have. No lie. We are quite good, but completely not threatening. We try to be as stupid as possible so you look really good, even if you can’t sing. You’ve always wanted to sing in a band, right? Come down. Beer is 2 bucks and it’s free to get in! We go on around 9:30 and play until we stop.

We do Bohemian Rhapsody.

I am totally serious.

Thursday night, Nov. 9, my “real” band, The Thornbirds are playing at BB Kings at Universal City at 9pm. Since everyone has these cover bands wot pay good money and families, we don’t get to play ass much ass we’d like to and this is a rare treat for us. So, make it a rare treat for you, ass well.

Come see a guy in his 40s cling desperately to his youth.

P.S. I’m doing Spamscam at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater December 16th at 9pm. More on that later.