I hope this works. It seems much easier posting from email than the site.

I got nailed by some sort of cold/flu thing yesterday. Just in time for audiences. Man, migraine it’s been amazing. My nose full of the stuff ones nose gets full of and my throat scratchy and powerless. I slammed myself with over the counter cold stuff (no, not that holistic crap, you stupid hippies!) and that got me through thursday’s preview.

Woke up this morning (blues riff!) and felt better. Walked around a balmy Minneapolis… sat at Dunn Bros coffee and read the Onion, went to GameWorks and played pinball. Took it easy. Got to the theater, dosed myself (Gatorade, sudafed, DayQuil, 600mg Ibuprofen and fresca) and listened to Jen kill them in the first act. She did great and had a great audience. They are rowdy here. It’s not like L.A. where it’s a “show me” attitude… (L.A. is the Show Me State… hmm.), they really get into it and want the show to be good.

I had a good show, ass well. My rob didn’t follow instructions so well and the bass got untuned between when I had it in the dressing room and when i strapped it on onstage. Ah well. The show is built in a way so that stuff can work. And it did. The audience seemed to enjoy the show. They whoop and holler at the end and they gasp and say “nooooo” under their breath at the appropriate times.

Banks came and seemed to enjoy it.

Jessie, like me, feels so naked after opening night. She knows she has to hear notes from people but it’s so difficult. If that stuff can wait one day… but, it can’t. It’s showbiz. Strap in.

Had a very sedate opening night “party”. Carr y Marion were there. When Marion gets bored she starts massaging, so it’s good to sit next to her.

Anyhoo… my wife scores again and makes me look good in the process. Now, she abandons me, goes to L.A. and picks up the shattered pieces of my split from Bukowsical. Okay, that was dramatic. She’s taking over. Well… somewhere between that.

It’s raining now. It’s supposed to get around 40 next week.

You motherfuckers… can’t wait three more weeks, can you. You have to ruin my life as soon as the wife leaves. Be that way.