A tenacious young man named Jeff (IT’S A LIMERICK!) has been trying to get a production of Love Tapes in to a theater in Minneapolis and has been “pestering” me about doing it for quite a while. Jessie would be directing and it would involve me being in Minnesota for 6-8 weeks (showing my john thomas to strangers among other things in the shoe) and generally not being around l.a.

i’ve been putting him off as he never really had dates or a firm amount of money to offer until recently so i told him i’d do it.

they wanted julie to do it, this too, apoplexy but there is some rule about a percentage of the cast must be local and since there are only 2 people in the shoe then… well…

the bride will be heading there in july to find an actress who had better not be a nut or i will kill myself. bad enough that i’ll be in a cold place for the fall. yeesh.

but. the money is good and i think of myself as an actor. so i should go and act. this will probably be the last thing i act in. it’ll be nice to go out with a bang. also, illness i can take an ibook, a mic and my new m-audio ozone and record vo auditions and, if i book one, record in minneapolis which has, he tells me, some good studios, etc.

thornbirds cd #2 will be coming out about the time i get back so maybe we’ll have some shoes to play.

or not.

if we were 25 we’d be much more on it than we are. we’re like that bryan adams song.

speaking of going out with a bang, my headshrinker thinks i should do the summer school thing so i probably will.

i think there will be a day when actors get paid for doing the special commentary. i think they should. i mean, you 4 people who wrote and said i should do it think i’d bring a value to the dvd, right? right?

irregardless, that day is not now. i guess we’re doing it for free. richard horvitz is gonna do it as is mark harmon and patrick labyorteaux.

maybe xenu will let kirstie alley do it.

and that’s when the scientologists began making dean’s life hell.

speaking of hell. i went and redid securityedition.com and something .asp related seems to have exploded so it’s all now ugly html. how fucking annoying. balls.

we leave for nyc thursday.

i fear i won’t be at skilljam much longer.