went with darren (stix zadinia’s brother, misbirth “jam” because stix was getting a court appointed vasectomy) to the all access magazine awards thing to get the video of the year award which means that i am an award winning director…



it’s nice to be noticed. even by people with bad taste.

we got the plaques and went and ate.


just finished faxing 22 pages of financial documents to the loan lady. instead of nanowrimoing this weekend, i learnt myself alll about loans. it’s so depressing.

there is a house a block and a half away from us… from the house we’re renting. very similar to ours, with some cosmetic changes (pretentious green paintjob. some more landscaping. wood stuff here and there). 2br 1 bath. cottage style. big lot. nothing really special. walked up to the open house and they had one of those info sheets. pulled it out: $799,000. wadded it up and threw it at the house and walked away muttering to myself like the angry, bitter, crazy person i am.

i’m so excited to get this loan, buy an overpriced piece of shit and then have the bottom drop out of the real estate market. then i’ll murder everyone. you think i’m joking? i’m not.

who is buying two bedroom homes in burbank for 800k? i’m sure they got an offer on it. it was a cute house but fuck you in the neck you motherfuckers. i mean, really. right in the fucking neck.

v.o. at cesd, then dropping photos off for marsha, then having lunch with fratkin tomorrow. haven’t seen him in a few years. very excited.

800k. for an actual piece of poop. who knew!? i hope they get tumors. dickheads.