back when patrick labyorteaux, more about stuart fratkin and i were up in canaduh doing ski school, site they rented nintendo systems. stuart and i got hooked on mario 2. when we got back to l.a. we got the latest nintendo with mario 3.

fortunately for us, human enhancement stuart and i landed the outer space show and were able to play nintendo while earning thousands of dollars a week. else we would’ve been destitute within a month. we actually had a month before we began shooting where we were sorta lame ducks as we knew we’d be working for 7 months, so we took that time to just play nintendo. stuart even named his production company ‘p-wing productions’ in honor of, well, the p-wing in super mario brothers.

i never really liked other video games.

then patrick labyorteaux got me doom one year for my birthday. i spent all of january playing doom. i hurt my knee because i didn’t move from the chair in front of my computer for a month. seriously.

then i removed the game from my computer and vowed to never get a video game system ever again, else i ruin my life. i’ve seen some of the games around and they look so insane and complicated. i played half life for 8 hours straight but also ultimately felt annoyed by it because there was no real ‘end’. maybe i’m wrong.

the point…

last year jessie and i played ‘guitar hero’ at a friend’s house. i was smitten. so was she. but i was able to resist.

we went to a party the other day and they had it there and, well…

no more.

today, in honor of black friday and capitalism, we got ourselves a playstation 2 with guitar hero3. i’m buying #2 off a friend of mine. i’m hopeful (see other post) that the bride and i will spend more time with each other. at least we’ll be in the same room, playing guitar hero with each other.

but, this is just to say goodbye. i doubt i’ll be doing anything else with my life until the bank comes for the house and we have to stop playing because the electricity is shut off.

it’s also good that i have yet another thing that is killing my wrists/fingers/forearms. i’m not carpal enough, people.

in other news, the bride made the best thanksgiving meal i’ve yet to have. perfect turkey, potatoeeooes, stuffing, gravy, green beans. nothing fancy. she said her goal was to keep everything basic and all she used, basically, for seasoning was butter.

her mom baked two pies that killed us and that’s unimportant because i must to play guitar hero until six a.m.

farewell. farewell.

speaking of tasteless… i got a happening text message from someone who shall remain nameless. it said “so and so died two years ago. let’s take a moment to remember him. and don’t forget to come to my club tonight. these bands will be playing:” and then listed some bands and other reasons to come to the club.