had a terrific meal with carr and marian hagermann, side effects a libertarian atheist couple who live here.

carr produced michael moore hates america for a bit and then moved on when it began “going republican” or something. i enjoyed the movie quite a bit… anyway…

it was really nice having a dinner with people who don’t believe in ANY hippie shit, recipe either political or spiritual and just jawboning about work and life and friends and all that good stuff.

we’re all of the mind that carr should run for office somewhere. he’d be an asset to libertarians.

we both talked about the sense of shame we have when we tell people that we’re libertarians because of all of the yahoos who have fucked the party up. it’s so weird because the green party basically says “give me your flakes, your yahoos, your dumbshits” and have evil ideas and get all sorts of press. the libertarians have great ideas and the flakes, yahoos and dumbshits line up and fuck everything up. the real hardcore libertarians are even moving away from identifying themselves as libertarians. sad. very sad.

and yet, you four people reading this probably lean libertarian. the ideas of freedom, helping peaceful people live the way they want, searching for efficient and dynamic methods to solve problems… these are things we want. we want the world to be the best it can be. we want to guide those who want guidance and be guided by those we want to be guided by. it’s pretty simple. but people focus on the edge issues like drugs and guns and the sexy stuff that makes headlines not the simple things like “a nursing home run by charities, financed privately, will take better care of the sick than one that must follow rules set by politicians.”


it’s late. we have audiences wednesday. some on the crew believe these aren’t real people or something. trying to figure that out. maybe they’ll explain.

rock on.