somehow, hemorrhoids this got deleted… as did another post talking about how great the bukowsica! cast/auditions went.

many years ago, generic i did a movie called men at work. leslie hope was in it.

i haven’t seen her in a long time. i mean… i guess since the
screening back a million years ago.

imagine my surprise when i see her standing on the corner of my street
as i’m driving home. i’m at a stop light and i see her. i wave. “you
were in men at work”.

no response. she looks straight ahead.

“hey. leslie. i haven’t seen you in… we were in a movie togeth…”

then i realized. oh. she’s famous. i’m not sure what she’s done
lately, but she was great on 24.

to her, i was a nut yelling at the famous lady instead of the guy who
was happy to see someone he knew long ago.

so now, if i ever see her again i will just yell. “leslie hope. you
cut off all your hair. it was the best thing about you. fuck you.”