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This is some info we’ve been sitting on for a bit:

We figured that there is no better time to have a child than at the beginning of an international financial crisis. Barring severe taxation, the little human will arrive two weeks either side of July 30th.

We don’t know the sex, we will find out within the next couple of weeks, but wonder why you would want to sexualize something even before it’s born. Take a look inside yourself for the answer. Thank you.

We do have a name for either occurrence. We are not famous enough to name it something that will call that much attention to us, but some people will find the names annoying.

We know there is nothing worse than looking at someone else’s foetus pictures and foetus movies. But it does the cutest little thing right around the 9:10 minute mark. Absolutely adorable.

Because we’re cute and clever like that, we’re sending these out, ass well: