Okay. It’s beautiful here but really, pharmacy the sun needs to come out. I mean, really.

If we wanted overcast and sporadic rain, we’d go to Seattle.

Come on. Come on!!!

It’s not ruining the trip. Yet.

Tonight, Jessie is making me go to a luau.

Tomorrow we are kayaking to some waterfall. Then we will be very sore.

Tuesday sees us coasting down a hill on bicycles.

One of these days, the sun will come out.

Everyone is selling fucking timeshares. Jesus. Jesus had a timeshare. The first place we went to book some activities dropped the price from $200 to $0 if we would go sit for 2 hours in some timeshare presentation.

No. No and no. We went somewhere else, instead.

Man, I just want to slather on a ton of sunblock and fall asleep on the beach. Come on, sun! Come on!!!

Yesterday, we drove south (we’re on the east coast) and walked along a beach, then went to some touristy place (the entire island… it’s cool) and got Jessie some candied pineapple stuff.

Today, we drove north to a big cave and stopped along the way and walked along secluded beaches. Really amazing. On the way back, we saw some blue sky attempting to break through the grey.

If it’s raining all day tomorrow, I will officially be bummed out.

Rock on!!!