After being harassed by the cunts known as the TSA because they couldn’t understand how someone with a ticket for dean cameron and a credit card for dean cameron and a couple of other cards for dean cameron could possibly have a drivers license for dean cameron eikleberry. they made me go back to jet blowme and reprint my ticket with dean eikleberry. then, i told them they were destroying the country so they searched my bags like i was a nigerian packing tnt in his anus.

Good thing that i had stuff saying ‘NIGERIAN SPAM SCAM’ on it, eh?!?

But… i had the entire back row to myself…

Until a woman who took a handful or two too many xanax and jack daniels’sses collapsed and hit her head on the armrest, knocking her doped up self out.

They had her lie down in the aisle for 2 hours. i couldn’t really go back to sleep because that’s what an asshole would do (shut up!) so i feigned interest until…

“Do you mind if this woman sits here?”

“Um… no… of course not…”

So i didn’t really sleep.

There’s snow here.

It seems that my cabbie, a recent graduate of the cliche nyc cabbie school, had been told that ice and snow improve traction and braking times but was confused as to why it didn’t seem to work like that. Instead of vomiting, I got out at 6th and waverly and walked a fair distance instead of the location i can’t mention because i’m staying at a paranoid famous person’s place!!!

Ah well.

I’m thinking that having a child later in life as I’ve done is a good thing because I can’t stop thinking about how cool it will be to see him experience new things… snow, for example. It’s going to be difficult to be the “seen-it-all” guy with a little guy so full of joy and wonder at all of those beautiful things.

There’s that, too.

Besides the last 5 or so hours, I have a delightful life. My wife is beautiful, sexy, funny, smart and makes cookies… and I have a son who only wants to laugh and be happy.

But really. Fuck the TSA. Right in the fucking neck.

I have an atom’s worth of understanding what it must be like to “drive while black”. An RCH of understanding. To be regarded as guilty before proven innocent is a horrible thing and that is how the TSA is destroying this country.