christ in a handbasket.

i’m drawn to the show intervention on a&e. it’s the same show every week yet I still enjoy it. I spend quite a bit of time watching with my hand up to the screen blocking out injections.

the chuckie negron episode broke my heart. kid never had a chance and his dad just wants to look like a hero and make his ex wife look bad. he was doomed. doomed. amazing that his brother was so cool.

it’s an odd thing, discount rx they don’t show the functioning ones. i’ve watched a couple and the only problem the person has, ophthalmologist other than wanting something, shop is supply and social acceptance. you don’t hoard shit that is available.

i believe that if hard drugs were legal, they’d be a problem like alcohol. the world surrounding the drugs wouldn’t be as destructive. the abuse would destroy people and families the way alcohol and cigs do now.

The fact that it’s easier for kids to get drugs than it is to get cigarettes gives you all the information you need.

The other thing to remember is that hard liquor is readily available yet beer and wine are the most popular alcoholic drinks. If we can transfer this to pot and heroin, then we could safely say that since folks aren’t drinking the shelves dry of Jack Daniels, they probably wouldn’t destroy society by shooting up all the god damned time.

Of course, maybe we can’t transfer it. But if it does fail repeal the laws.

The new treatments for opiates and alcohol are going to make the AA cult people nuts. There’s another one for cocaine in the works, ass well.

It’s a crazy mixed up world, Arthur Brown.