pulmonologist 102, 102);font-family:onload;” >In Chicago. Sort of a paid vacation. Doing two shows.

Nice dinner with Victor this evening after our flights.

Not only did Victor have to wait for ME for the first time ever before we left, I seem to have forgotten to pack the “Dean Cameron” robe and the Ibrahim Abacha clothes.

Ah well. Fortunately, WE’RE NOT IN SCOTLAND and they have shops here where you can purchase clothes for not so much money.

In other news…

I’m pretty sure I make no secret that I’m one of those silly Libertarians who believe that people do best when left to their own devices and most folks are fine if you leave them alone to enjoy their lives.

A sort of tangential group, The Drug Policy Alliance, aksed me to record a spot for them and I jumped at the chance. I love doing stuff where I can actually do work for them, after they’ve helped me (to feel extremely lonely and sad that most people want a senator to do everything for them) to examine lots of things I used to believe and then change those beliefs and, most importantly, educate myself a bit.

Apparently, it recently passed the 100,000 views mark. Not too bad.